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Like Wordpress for Immersive Media!

ServiceMedia brings scalability to immersive workflows, delivering instant publishing and updates of linkable VR, AR and geographic scenes across web, mobile and standalone platforms. Originally conceived and developed as a single-scene app platform for the Unity engine, ServiceMedia now also supports dynamically generated WebXR scenes! The system enables progressive enhancement of your immersive content across the range of current and future devices, while drastically lowering risk and cost.

Mission Deck

Linkable, Localized Immersive Scenery

Strong Magic

Ready-to-use and delicious, for web, mobile and standalone

Metaverse Infrastructure

Build foundational plumbing for an immersive future

Progressive Enhancement

Your content's best foot forward across platforms, from low-end to high-end

Call the Shots

Manage access to your scenes and content as you see fit.

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