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Realtime 3D Wordpress!

ServiceMedia is an "XR CMS" - a full-featured, web-based content management system purpose-built for realtime 3D, delivering instant publishing and updates of linkable VR, AR and geographic scenes on web, mobile and PC. Initially developed as a "single-scene" system for the Unity engine, ServiceMedia now also supports dynamically generated WebXR scenes! The system enables progressive enhancement of your immersive content across the range of current and future devices, while drastically lowering risk and cost.

Mission Deck

Linkable, Localized Immersive Scenery


  • Cloud-based immersive content management system designed for easy scene editing and publishing
  • Manage, group and interlink text, pictures, audio, video, 3D models with animation
  • Combine geographic and worldspace scene locations, and attach interactive elements
  • All content provisioned at runtime via AWS signed URLs, load-balanced lightweight nodejs/mongodb backend
  • Multi-user and multi-tenant - can support multiple apps and sites on a single instance
  • Flexible data model and runtime provisioning support for Unity and AFrame/ThreeJS clients, and soon BabylonJS
  • Navigate scenes via keyboard/mouse, or with touch input, or with VR head and hand tracking
  • Integrated licensing attributions, store items, score keeping, messaging, audio event sequencing, etc..
  • Combine and interlink virtual, augmented and geographic modes
  • Several multiplayer/chat modes and scene sharing options

Virtual Classrooms on Demand!

Instantly updateable teaching environments, for web, mobile and standalone

Metaverse Infrastructure

Foundational plumbing for an immersive future

Progressive Enhancement

Best-foot-forward across platforms, from low-end to high-end devices

Call the Shots

Manage access to your scenes and content as you see fit.